Umbrella Insurance Quotes

Umbrella Insurance

For residents living in Spring Hill, TN, umbrella insurance affords a variety of protections against incidents that are unlikely but could be financially devastating. For instance, if you were to hit someone with a shot while golfing at King’s Creek Golf Club, an umbrella insurance policy might pay for any medical expenses associated with the accident. Similarly, if your child made some rude remarks about a teacher at the Old School Cafe and was found guilty of slander, an umbrella policy may cover any court-ordered payments. Here’s a look at umbrella insurance and the best way to shop for it.

An Overview of Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance is used to supplement other insurance policies and provide coverage that cannot be found through other types of insurance. For example, a $1 million umbrella policy can serve to enhance your underlying auto and homeowner’s policies. It also can provide liability coverage, and insure you against slander, as the two above examples show.

Shopping for Umbrella Insurance

When seeking out a Spring Hill, TN umbrella insurance agent, you should look for an independent agent who is licensed to sell insurance in Tennessee. Independent agents, like ours here at Broussard and Associates, are able to compare all of the umbrella policies offered to Tennessee residents. Because we’re an independent agency, we aren’t limited to only showing you one carrier’s policies but can compare every carrier’s policies.

For more information on how umbrella insurance could have a role in your insurance portfolio, call us at Broussard and Associates. Serving the Spring Hill area and licensed throughout the state, we would love to tell you more about this type of insurance.

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