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Home Insurance

For homeowners who have mortgages on their homes in Spring Hill, TN, home insurance agents at Broussard and Associates, Inc. provide quotes on policies that meet bank’s requirements through the agency’s online tool. Banks require homeowners to insure their homes so that the mortgages are still valid if the home burns down while no one is home. For instance, if you are out at the Old School Cafe or headed to Thompson’s Station and your home burns down, your homeowners policy would cover the loss, up to the policy’s stated limits. You could use the insurance money to rebuild your home or pay off your mortgage. Here’s a look at other coverages homeowners insurance affords and the best way to compare policies.

Homeowners Insurance Coverages

Homeowners insurance policies generally protect your home and your personal belongings, and they usually include some level of liability coverage. Of course, the specific limits will be delineated in your policy, and almost every policy has some exclusions.

You may want to purchase additional coverage, beyond your policy’s standard limits. For instance, you might:

  • have a storage shed
  • own expensive jewelry
  • want to increase your liability coverage

Most insurance carriers in Tennessee have optional coverages for these items, although they may increase your premium.

Comparing Homeowners Policies

At Broussard and Associates, Inc., we’ve made it easy to compare homeowners insurance policies online. You can use our agency’s online tool to select the levels of coverage you need, and in just a few minutes we’ll pull up the best policies for your home. Our Spring Hill, TN home insurance agents are all independent, so you know you'll get the best policies through our agency's online tool. We search all of the policies offered by Tennessee insurance companies and share the best options with you.

If you need a new homeowners insurance policy, go ahead and use our online quote tool. In just a few moments, we might be able to find you a better policy than the one you currently have.

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