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Before purchasing a vehicle, you will need to take into consideration how much your insurance will be. The best way to go about finding an affordable policy is by comparing quotes from first-rate insurance agencies. A Spring Hill, TN auto insurance agent can help you compare quotes, while at the same time explaining the details of... Read More


For homeowners who have mortgages on their homes in Spring Hill, TN, home insurance agents at Broussard and Associates, Inc. provide quotes on policies that meet bank’s requirements through the agency’s online tool.Banks require homeowners to insure their homes so that the mortgages are still valid if the... Read More


Tennessee is a beautiful and relaxing place to live and visit. Having a business in this locale can be a profitable venture. Locating a knowledgeable independent agency to assess your needs can provide protection for your company and work within your budget. Using Spring Hill, TN commercial insurance agents that understand the... Read More


As you've probably heard before, it's best to purchase life insurance while you are young, preferably before you are 35-years-old. The younger you are when you buy life insurance, the lower your premiums are likely to be. Still yet, though, no matter your age, by speaking with one of our reputable agents employed through our insurance agency.... Read More

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Maury and Williamson counties both lay claim to Spring Hill, TN, located 30 miles south of Nashville. The revelation of why Spring Hill is so desired by all has its roots in a wealth of historical significance. Broussard and Associates, Inc., a top level independent Insurance agency, is deeply committed to the community of Spring Hill. Their staff are anxious to share their wealth of information about the historical significance of Spring Hill, Tennessee. Being the site of a Civil War battle in 1864, called the Battle of Spring Hill, all residents are proud to tell the stories that sprung out from the days of the Civil War. Rippavilla Plantation and museum is another historic National Treasure that illustrates the deeply rooted Southern hospitality that draws visitors and tourists to this community.

There is a certain, very natural camaraderie that abounds far beyond the well-known Southern Hospitality of the area. Community businesses are protective of their residents and provide customer care beyond the call of duty. Spring Hill, TN insurance agents take particular care of their customers. They are easily able to compare quotes for home insurance and auto insurance online with many of the top carriers who deal with our independent insurance company. So ideal is this location, that the caretakers have established an elaborate Bridal Fair that brings wedding professionals, vendors and bridal parties all together at the exceptional venue of Rippavilla Plantation. Newlywed couples often fall in love with the Spring Hill community, and decide to live here.

We at Broussard and Associates are the top-rated Spring Hill, TN insurance agents. We love helping new families starting out with their very first home insurance and auto insurance policies, because we want to be sure they start out with the proper coverage that they specifically need. Tennessee has many forms of history. When our customers mention that they are going over to see Laura Bentley, who leads the residential paranormal investigations in Rippavilla's Plantation, some of our staff, the ones who think they are funny, will sometimes suggest they increase their accidental life insurance policy benefits, before they join her for one of those "Ghost Hunter" investigations. Not everyone thinks these guys are as funny as they do, but they really know everything about the insurance business.

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